782n8 ir47z 8t935 2iit7 7tdb9 rdh8y r5tbf rkzeh hd5h6 y7d7n 958d6 8t9es tyia2 ssad2 hk4by z2r3t 63i55 d3kb6 5zrb2 bydd2 4n9tr Tip: don’t get caught up in words. All words are metaphorical concepts and have nothing to do with the true nature of reality. |

Tip: don’t get caught up in words. All words are metaphorical concepts and have nothing to do with the true nature of reality.

2022.01.25 14:51 Ad3quat3 Tip: don’t get caught up in words. All words are metaphorical concepts and have nothing to do with the true nature of reality.

You can train yourself to have concentration in loud places but the words within must be handled differently
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2022.01.25 14:51 goldenintent Am I in time for the pre hire?

It was scheduled to be at 9-9:30 and I got here at nine but I've been in line for like 20 minutes and i doubt Im gonna make it in before 9:30 will they still let me be interviewed or go through the pre hire process
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2022.01.25 14:51 Doppelkrampf Why would Zoro and Mihawk fight?

That‘s just something I thought about at work today. Many people believe, to accomplish his dream of becoming worlds greatest swordsman, Zoro has to fight Mihawk.
But for what reason?
Mihawk isn‘t allied with the World Governement anymore, and even if he were, it would feel kinda strange to me that they fight on the base of that.
Mihawk took a liking in Zoro when they first met, and later he also trains him.
It would feel anti-climactic if they just fought because of the titel, and there would be no stakes involved, which would be wierd for such an important fight.
And I can‘t think of a real reason they would fight otherwise.
There is that theory that Mihawk gets backstabbed by Shiriyu, and Zoro has to defeat him to get revenge, but would it really make him the worlds greatest if he defeated the guy that killed Mihawk using foul play?
Well I‘d like to hear your opinion on under what circumstances he would fight Mihawk, or how he could get the title without that.
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2022.01.25 14:51 so_boredrightnow Mega Aerodactyle raid. 5450 8154 7534

5450 8154 7534
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2022.01.25 14:51 unnaturalorder 🔥 These foxes sleeping on a snowy roof 🔥

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2022.01.25 14:51 ponycorn69 I forgot my social security number, spirits could you help me recover it?

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2022.01.25 14:51 ArticleSand2 A title

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2022.01.25 14:51 ssriracha_ queen lizzie? more like mommy

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2022.01.25 14:51 Reptileblood Pre-Orders. What's the point?

ASL here. As they talk about putting pre-orders on our scorecard I truly wonder what the point is. Many customers along with myself have come to find many of our pre-ordered collectables get sold online and never get sent to us. I have sent e-mails out to inventory and receive nothing in response and if I am lucky a "in transit, thanks." I have cancelled far too many orders, then order online and receive speedy delivery. I am at the point where I truly believe we as associates are being set up for failure. If you guys don't want us to get pre-orders in store great, don't put it on our scorecard then. Thanks.
Sincerely, A very exhausted employee
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2022.01.25 14:51 gmlumpy Any good Sci-Fi Recommendations on Kindle Vella?

TLDR: Trying to sift through the massive amount of stories on Kindle-Villa to find something worth reading to fulfill my New Year's Resolution to read more & avoid social media.

Like many, I want to increase my amount of reading this year. 2021 I only read via audio books. I got a new Paper White for Christmas which has helped, but I wanted something else.
I have also been trying spend less time on social media (Reddit being the exception ;) ).
Anyways, I discovered Kindle-Villa and thought it would a great solution to A) read more & B) something short and easy to help with my social media scrolling fix. The problem is there are a TON of stories, and most of them...are not very good. (Way too much Romance novel vides).
SO I turn to you, the Reddit masses and lovers of Sci-fi asking you what stories have you enjoyed there and would recommend. Again, I am trying to avoid anything that is too romantic/erotic in nature.
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2022.01.25 14:51 FokaLP ich🤠iel

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2022.01.25 14:51 JumperKid99 [USA-IN] [H] G.Skill Ripjaws V series 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) 3600 [W] Paypal

Timestamp Purchased three months ago and in grate condition. I used the kit in a gaming rig. Im looking to get $120 OBO.
More info: 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin SDRAM (PC4-28800) DDR4 3600 CL16-19-19-39 1.35V Dual Channel Desktop Memory Model F4-3600C16D-32GVKC
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2022.01.25 14:51 Aavegotchi It's almost raffle time!

Hey GotchiGang, DeFi RPG Wearables Raffle #6 in roughly 20 hours, at 9am EST tomorrow! Enjoy these last few hours of staking, and then join us in entering Raffle Tickets to win some of our new Wearables.
Join us tomorrow at discord.gg/aavegotchi for the Raffle kickoff party, where we'll be crowing our meme contest winners!
For more info on Wearables Raffle #6 see our blog here.
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2022.01.25 14:51 MangoPina149 Slumped kitchen?

Has anyone dealt with these people? Are they legit or scammers?
Let me know your thoughts....

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2022.01.25 14:51 NumbersAndPolls01 Nobody in this world is quite as drunk on their own power as a UMD student working at Eppley

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2022.01.25 14:51 pandaoffroad Only US owner allowed?

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2022.01.25 14:51 ghettosupermom Where do y'all get gold leaf and nail decals?

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2022.01.25 14:51 SnuggleWarrior117 Do your taxes early to get it out of the way here at CSULB remotely from home. Only takes an hr and sometimes sooner.

Do your taxes early to get it out of the way here at CSULB remotely from home. Only takes an hr and sometimes sooner. submitted by SnuggleWarrior117 to CSULB [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 14:51 StephanieSays66 Doggie day care question

So my dog (Australian Cattle Dog mix) is really active. It's winter in Minnesota, so he has been going to day care occsionally to run it off.
He has been going there for over two years. He always loved it and was good and tired when he got home. (I work from home most of the time, but on my days off I run errands. He can't come with on those days because it is way too cold for him to be out in the car.)
So last Friday, he wouldn't get out of the car. He knew where he was, but he was jumping between the front and back seats and absolutely refusing to go inside. So he didn't go and instead just stayed home.
I am probably overthinking this, but is it possible he was hurt or something there? No one has ever said anything to me, and he gets along with other dogs and is well socialized.
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2022.01.25 14:51 Lord-Herek How can you mine the Void when everytime you try your drones get destroyed?

Is that intended behavior for mining drones to get destroyed when mining in the Void with L miner?
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2022.01.25 14:51 goles9 help

i get the text. Assets/test.cs(23,18): error CS1002: ; expected

this is my code:

// Update is called once per frame
void Update()

//rb.AddForce(Vector3.up * 3);

//rb.velocity = Vector3.forward * 20f;

SceneManager.LoadScene("level 2");


xInput = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
zInput = Input.GetAxis("Vertical");

rb.AddForce(xInput * speed, 0, zInput * speed);

private void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision)
if(collision.gameObject.tag == "coin")
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2022.01.25 14:51 Char-car92 It’s poetic

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2022.01.25 14:51 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Octane] [Titanium White Trigon] [Purple Hot Rod] [Agasaya: Inverted] [Tachyon I]

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2022.01.25 14:51 NTorsell10 Can't run and look around

In the game (Cod Mobile) I can't run and look around I can look round and run but not a the same time. I was in the middle of a game when it stoped working. Any solutions?
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2022.01.25 14:51 AshleySaysDickShit Help with Styling Techniques for Curtain Bangs

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