7a78e 3ed7y 65ezb dke92 i8tay ff4a6 z87s6 beaeb z975z 878d7 yr6dr rk2ek s4ikh errfy s6ykz eitdn n35h5 h2d75 sny54 58efe 329ia I was working on adding foliage to the walls and took this portrait mode, edited picture that I thought you guys would like. The next picture is what happened shortly after when trying to add a green plate to the bottom. Ugh, Took 45 minutes to piece the tower and gatehouse back together |

I was working on adding foliage to the walls and took this portrait mode, edited picture that I thought you guys would like. The next picture is what happened shortly after when trying to add a green plate to the bottom. Ugh, Took 45 minutes to piece the tower and gatehouse back together

2022.01.25 13:18 saborucci I was working on adding foliage to the walls and took this portrait mode, edited picture that I thought you guys would like. The next picture is what happened shortly after when trying to add a green plate to the bottom. Ugh, Took 45 minutes to piece the tower and gatehouse back together

I was working on adding foliage to the walls and took this portrait mode, edited picture that I thought you guys would like. The next picture is what happened shortly after when trying to add a green plate to the bottom. Ugh, Took 45 minutes to piece the tower and gatehouse back together submitted by saborucci to lego [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 13:18 geoxol Pfizer begins testing omicron-matched COVID shots in adults

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2022.01.25 13:18 Freaky_Money_106 Streetwear graphic tee, What's your opinion?

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2022.01.25 13:18 manoloelgrande XELA starting to run again on some lawsuit news

Exela gained 15% right now on some lawsuit news. Migt run for awhile.
No financial advice
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2022.01.25 13:18 Head-Alternative1688 100% Accurate:

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2022.01.25 13:18 Cerealism15 1000 pieces, Sewing Notions by Cobble Hill. Fairly easy one to do. Cut and color of the puzzle were very good as well.

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2022.01.25 13:18 CheckLow3236 Join my Live Group "Kbaby 🌟 Live at 1 & 10pm cst", ONLY valid for 24h.

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2022.01.25 13:18 jaffaajar jaffaajar - eighty-three (full album)

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2022.01.25 13:18 CapitalWillingness89 GREEN ARMY of SNDL

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2022.01.25 13:18 oofed-forever-2 Are guns allowed in this war? If so, I’m more than prepared.

Are guns allowed in this war? If so, I’m more than prepared. submitted by oofed-forever-2 to teenagers [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 13:18 Bossladygoals Haha ! Had to share

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2022.01.25 13:18 FlimsyTrash6742 HIRE ME !!!Undergrad assignments ONLY ANY CLASS ANY TOPIC!!!! 5pages $80 10pages $125

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2022.01.25 13:18 Clanii Cannonau Corp. CNNC:US

Cannonau Corp. CNNC:US Current price as of 01/25/2021: $0.055

Cannonau Corp
Cannonau Corp., traded under the ticker CNNC:US engages in developing cannabidiol based products (CBD). The Company uses nanotechnology to offer the Cannabidiol (CBD). The Company markets packages and distributes hemp-CBD-based products for the consumer on its Website company. It is also engaged in educating on its natural and practical benefits. It offers CBD in flavors such as wintergreen, vanilla and natural. Its collections include CBD gummies, CBD oils and CBD balms. Its CBD Oil is sourced from a Colorado farm. Its hemp Cannabis Sativa plants are cultivated with no genetic modifications, pesticides, or other compounds. Its hemp oil is extracted utilizing a carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction method for extracting the phytonutrients from each hemp plant ensuring the oil contains a spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Its CBD also contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids, and fiber. It also offers hemp CBD products and treats for pets. The company was formerly known as Pacific Blue Energy Corp. and changed its name to Cannonau Corp. in August 2019. Cannonau Corp. was incorporated in 2007 and is based in Skaneateles, New York.
CNNC Shares Statistic

Analysis and comments The company operates in a very hot and trendy sector (cannabis), since most of the growth is still ahead, with laws and regulations constantly changing for the better of this industry, with the legalization in some states – many are yet to follow.
The legalization of cannabis usage is divided into 2 categories. The recreational usage and the medical usage. When talking about “true” legalization, one talks about the recreational usage being legal. Currently, only 2 countries have complete nationwide legal recreational usage of cannabis, these are Canada and Uruguay. Some have decriminalized the recreational usage like Georgia, Mexico, South Africa, 18 states of the USA and Australia. So it is obvious how big the cannabis market could (and highly likely will) potentially reach in the near future. In fact, BDSA announced an update of its cannabis market forecast on Sept. 21 2021. Apparently cannabis sales for 2021 will near $31 billion, an increase of 41% over 2020 sales. Furthermore, global cannabis sales are expected to grow from $30.6 billion in 2021 to $62.1 billion in 2026, representing a compound annual growth rate of more than 15%. The increase is due to more states passing legislation to legalize cannabis. (https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/09/21/2300624/0/en/BDSA-Reports-Global-Cannabis-Sales-Surge-41-YoY-in-2021-Will-Surpass-62-Billion-by-2026.html)
When looking at the financial reports of Cannonau Corp. (CNNC:US) one can see that the company is currently in the hyper growth phase. As of the latest available financial data (June 30, 2021), the company had total assets of $24,844 versus $19,338. The increase of around 28.5% of the assets mainly result from an increase in the cash position from $164 to $638. But the main difference are the accounts receivables. Which increased by $5,032. Meaning the company started selling their products and generating gross profit of $5,104 versus only $555 in 2020. As stated above, the company is in the growth phase and therefore obviously are not profitable yet.
The company’s stock a 52-week high of $14.34 in 2021, meaning the company is currently undervalued at $0.0720 per share.
Cannonau Corp., (CNNC:US) recently announced the appointment of Dr. Douglas Pitchford, MD as medical advisor and the engagement of Mr. Fruqan Mouzon, Esq who is our Cannabis law advisor for the company.
The company was also featured in the HempCBD Investor Magazine Issue #5, meaning the company and the sector itself is getting publicity. CannaInvestor Magazine and HempCBD Investor Magazine are the leading industry investment magazines for Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD investors, analysts, executives, entrepreneurs, and the financial media.
But the most promising news for the company and investors came in spring of last year: Virtual Medical International Inc. (OTC: QEBR), a Wellness company in the hemp-derived CBD sector, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Cannonau Corp. whereby it has obtained the rights to distribute or resell Cannonau's Full-Spectrum CBD products to the public online and in retail outlets on a worldwide basis.
With an effective date of April 30, 2021, the agreement entitles Virtual Medical the rights to Cannonau's diversified business whose revenues are generated from CNNC's product sales through its company-owned retail stores, franchise stores, domestic and international franchise activities, third party contract manufacturing, e-commerce and corporate alignments.
With other market participants like Charlotte´s Web Holdings, Inc. (CWBHF), Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. (CURLF) having a much bigger Market Cap., the potential for CNNC:US is definitely out there.
Considering all of these facts, the stock might be a buy at these undervalued prices.
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2022.01.25 13:18 zcapozzi Durham Co. COVID-19 Case Count Update for Jan 24 (+23%)

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2022.01.25 13:18 MrSnrub3000 Some people have such unrealistic standards

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2022.01.25 13:18 ManiAAC41 How do I learn to feel meaning & emotion in the songs I'm creating?

I'm a hobbyist producer-artist with a goal of being able to write, record & produce my own music. To that end, I've been on a journey over the last few years to build what I think are the necessary skills.
I've taken deep dives into mixing, mastering, recording, drumming, guitar playing, keyboard playing, singing, music theory, and arrangement. I've studied the music I like & scoured far & wide for interviews, deconstructions, analyses & educational resources. I now know all about how my favorite music was recorded, how it was mixed/mastered, how the drum/guitakeyboard parts were played, how the vocal melodies were sung, how the chords fit together, how the verses/choruses/bridges/breakdowns move between each other, the songwriting process, etc. When each of these topics came into focus, it was because I assumed that that was the thing (or at least the biggest thing at that moment) holding me back from making great music.
In the meantime, as I pursued these points of focus, I also kept trying to create my own music: I've tried writing songs by sitting down and writing out the chords & lyrics. I've tried writing songs by pulling up my DAW, jamming and just following whatever comes out. I've tried improvising into my phone and pulling up the voice notes later. I've even tried programming an AI to spit out computer-generated song fragments that I can chop up and build on top of.
When I listen back to what I've managed to record using all of these approaches, I can hear my progression to a point where now it's harder to say what's missing. Generally, things sound the way I like, I feel comfortable playing the parts well enough, I understand the chord progressions & like how they connect into different sections of the song...
But I'm stumped. I feel like I should have all the pieces together to make music that I really like - but when I listen to what I've recorded, I just don't feel... much of anything. How do I get over that hump? When I listen to something I've made, I want to be able to get a vibe from it the way I do when I hear any other music I really like. At this point, I wonder if I'd be better off making a "deal with the devil" to trade away all of the technical/theoretical knowledge that I've gained such that I'm stuck making naively written, ultra lo-fi recordings - but in return gain the ability to make these recordings drip with feeling & meaning...
Obviously, no such deal will be made & what's already in my brain is stuck there. So, how do I get to the best of both worlds? How I can apply this knowledge I've gained such that, instead of churning out throwaways, I can create something that I feel at an emotional, primal level? I don't even care any more if everyone else thought it sucked. If I could just feel it for myself, that would be enough...
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2022.01.25 13:18 breadismybutterrr Will I get banned if I download 18+ mods?

Hi, been playing the sims for years and recently picked up Sims 4 from a steam sale. I want to mod the game with stuff like Wicked Whims, but I saw the tweet about players getting banned if they used mods like this? But then there were other people saying it was only edited versions of the mod with super illegal stuff in it, which isn't what I want to mess around with.
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2022.01.25 13:18 BarcelonaHornets Eva Longoria

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2022.01.25 13:18 KeyStoneLighter Typical bootlicker response to the financial crisis right here...

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2022.01.25 13:18 Far_Ad_8002 Changed wheel hub and bearing now car won’t move

Help my Hyundai Sonata Limited 2011 with sport suspension just got it’s front wheel hubs and bearings changed after the change now the car won’t go to drive reverse nor move, help anyone? Mechanic says transmission but transmission was perfect before the change
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2022.01.25 13:18 Fullsendonly1 The Battlefield series in a nutshell

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2022.01.25 13:18 Alk3Catch22 New MSI laptop Releases

The laptops can be found on MSI's website here: https://us.msi.com/Laptop/Raider-GE76-12UX/shopnow
I realize there are still 3 laptops with specs not yet listed, but I wanted to inquire if any of you know if one of their new laptops will have a 17.3" QHD, 1440p screen with the Intel i9-12900HK and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti?
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2022.01.25 13:18 Impossible-While-257 How ti get sunbeam effect on everthing

Hello, hiw do i get the sunbeam effect it says to purchase deluxe edition or other editions that are not available. If i buy the complete edition will i get this effect????
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2022.01.25 13:18 Gator20214 Finally pulled ganyu! More info in comments

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2022.01.25 13:18 cannamomxoxo Older (30+) 420 friendly players?

I’m lvl 49 currently I believe, lvl 20 collector, lvl 15 trader, lvl 4 bounty hunter and about to pull the trigger on moonshiner. My schedule is crazy and erratic but I sure do love to unwind with my vape and RDO. I’ve just been joining random posse invites and I don’t mind playing with kids but having a few like-minded individuals would be nice too! My main objective is to grind $$$ to buy useless horses.
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