Okay, so here is the deal. Cumstar announced migration ( rebranding ) its token to Hush Token. As a person who invested more than $700 I was trying to get info about the migration and this guy who is from the Core Team of the token, insulted me than banned me. How can I trust Hush Network after this

2022.01.25 14:29 Inside-Comedian3651 Okay, so here is the deal. Cumstar announced migration ( rebranding ) its token to Hush Token. As a person who invested more than $700 I was trying to get info about the migration and this guy who is from the Core Team of the token, insulted me than banned me. How can I trust Hush Network after this

Okay, so here is the deal. Cumstar announced migration ( rebranding ) its token to Hush Token. As a person who invested more than $700 I was trying to get info about the migration and this guy who is from the Core Team of the token, insulted me than banned me. How can I trust Hush Network after this submitted by Inside-Comedian3651 to CumstarOfficial [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 14:29 GravidiaNordVPN Sauce in comments

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2022.01.25 14:29 ClimateJobsBOT ✨ Proterra is looking for a Release Engineering Intern (Summer 2022) @ 📍 Greenville, United States 🇺🇸

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2022.01.25 14:29 dnldg Not much I can say, straight up facts! 🚀 🚀 🚀 💎

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2022.01.25 14:29 phalo Some MMS never received

The last few days, I've noticed I am not receiving some MMS messages (and possibly some SMS, not sure on that).
It could be related to the Android messages feature showing emoji reactions to iMessage reactions rather than the 'liked "blah blah blah"' messages you get, but I don't know when that feature activated for me. I noticed that feature today and in testing it with a friend to see if he had it, I got a message from the iPhone user showing "blah blah blah" instead of laughed at "blah blah blah" and the original message (from the other Android messages user) never showed up in the MMS group thread for me!
Has anyone else noticed missing/never-received messages? Is there a fix if so or something I can try?
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2022.01.25 14:29 HelpfulPhotograph185 [Oishei Children’s Hospital Twitter] We know we said we would provide an update tomorrow but we are so overwhelmed and grateful to share 1300 donors have donated tens of thousands of dollars today! We will share more later today! ❤️ #ChiefsKingdom #BillsMafia

[Oishei Children’s Hospital Twitter] We know we said we would provide an update tomorrow but we are so overwhelmed and grateful to share 1300 donors have donated tens of thousands of dollars today! We will share more later today! ❤️ #ChiefsKingdom #BillsMafia submitted by HelpfulPhotograph185 to KansasCityChiefs [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 14:29 WrongAssistant5922 1st letter, and 1st batch🚀🚀🚀🚀

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2022.01.25 14:29 Beanfluff Cat + 🎾

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2022.01.25 14:29 YaGottaMindYaOwn Question about data reset

So I'm thinking of selling my Note 9. I have already factory reset it through the UI in settings. If I boot the phone to the "bios" by holding power and volume, and select factory reset will it do anything else or is factory resetting from the UI good enough?
Just want to be sure all the data on the phone is totally erased. Passwords, banking info etc.
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2022.01.25 14:29 rowrowrowitmid I'd like to have the ability to mute other champions voices without muting EVERY champions voice

I'd really enjoy having the option to mute other champions voices. Some champs talk too much or their voice is just annoying in general, would really like to be able to mute them. <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
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2022.01.25 14:29 BftUCCG Do you like Weiss Schwarz? Have Tabletop Simulator? Check out Wager of Troupes TCG! https://discord.gg/6HGya3f https://www.instagram.com/awageroftroupestcg/

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2022.01.25 14:29 BioDriver Genesis DURABILITY?

I’m in the research phase of my next car, a compact luxury sedan a la 3-series et al. Whenever I mention this online, everyone shouts from the rooftops that I should get a Genesis G70. And whenever I bring up my concerns about build quality, I’m constantly assured that their cars are much more reliable.
I know that. Independent tests have confirmed that. But that’s not what I’m asking.
In the past, Korean cars (and many modern cars) have had problems with their interiors falling apart. Be it low quality parts, poor workmanship, shoddy QC, or other factors, the interiors seem to wear and break faster than their competitors. Hell, even 2021 and earlier C classes suffered from horrible creaking and loose interior panels, and Infiniti and Nissan upholstery has worn and torn much faster than others. Hyundai had this problem for decades, so that’s always my hesitation towards buying anything from a Korean auto manufacturer.
So my question is this - how is the interior durability and build quality of the new Genesis fleet? Are they gonna last for a decade, or will seams start bursting and panels rattle within 2 years?
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2022.01.25 14:29 FrankSchmidtTinyLabs MakeCode making computing and hardware accessible; video

I do not know why this video is not listed. "Unlisted" on youtube prevents viewers from finding the information presented.
Project MakeAccessible - Microsoft Research
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2022.01.25 14:29 Wongerstein RE: JJP Next Release?

Granted, i am not that knowledgeable in games and especially cabinets. But JJP posted a factory facebook photo.. . I cant' tell, but it looks like there is a new machine in the back right.. Or just something i don't recognize. Any thoughts?
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2022.01.25 14:29 Confident_Flan_5950 Cosas que les paso de niños? Y que ahora se dan cuenta que esas cosas estaban mal

Les cuento el mio: Cuando era niño yo iba a mi escuela acompañado de mi mamá para reuniones de las materias (esto se hacía 3 sábados por mes) yo iba a la escuela con una pelota de futsal ya que siempre quedábamos con mis amigos de jugar, pero un día llegué y mi mamá se fue a la reunión pero ninguno de mis amigos estaba (cabe aclarar que las reuniones eran de todos los grados y también venía estudiantes de los demás grados) y entonces yo subí a el teatro de mi escuela donde casi nadie entraba, siempre llevaba mis juguetes para jugar en el coche de mi mamá (tenía 7 años) yo estaba jugando ahí solo, y entro una chica que no se si ya me habría estado viendo por la puerta, entro muy silenciosamente, me asustó y me empezamos a hablar, hasta que ella me de jugar un juego (yo no era tímido ni nada así que no le temía a la chica) y yo acepté, ella me.dijo que íbamos a jugar a la mamá y el hijo, recuerdo que había una mesa muy grande y con un mantel que llegaba al suelo, ella me dijo de meterme debajo de la mesa y me empezó a abrazar, después me empezó a besar, yo le dijo que no haga eso, pero ella me dijo que así son las mamás y que no me preocupara, recuerdo que me empezó a tocar, y yo me sentía incómodo, también me hacía tocar sus partes femeninas ( jajsha no se como describirlo) y me decía que nos estábamos bañando y yo le tenía que limpiar a ella, esto lo estuvo haciendo como 1 mes y medio, hasta que dejé de ir al colegio por que los directores prohibieron que vayan a los estudiantes por un sábado encontraron 2 estudiantes en estado de ebriedad.
Nunca me atreví a contarle a nadie sobre esto porque ella me dijo que si le contaba a alguien de esto mi papá se iba a morir y yo me lo creí, ahora que tengo 17 años me doy cuenta que en realidad lo que me estaba haciendo era ilegal y cuenta como violación. Ella tenía como 16 o 17 años.
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2022.01.25 14:29 AnnieMarieMorgan Fish Eyes

Before we were monkeys, or even mammals we were reptiles. Before that we were slimy amphibians clawing our way up on land, and going back that far brings us to the common ancestor of all the tetrapods on land. It brings us back to the time when us, and birds, and deer and dogs, were all the same creature.
But before even that, we were fish. That was about 430 million years ago, when those first bony fish started using their fins to support themselves on land. Looking at them now you wouldn’t think we had very much in common. We’ve done away with the scales and gills and fins. But those fins formed the bases for our arms and legs, and if you think about it, compared to the other life in the ocean, all of us land animals still have eyes and bilateral symmetry. We still have mouths and the same senses, though we’ve lost electroreception, and our hearing is much different.
One of the most obvious ways that evolution has left us with memories of our aquatic ancestry is in our eyes. I’m sure you all remember learning about refraction in middle school or elementary school. I’ll give you a refresher, just in case. Take a spoon and put it in a clear glass of water, and you’ll see that it appears to bend at the barrier between the air and water. It’s an optical illusion, one left over from when we all had fish eyes.
See, our eyes evolved in the water, and they were made to either look underwater at more water, or look up at the air from the water. Our eyes are not made to look into the water from the air, so there’s a kind of glitch in perception there because we never developed the need to fix it. Our eyes worked fine enough to survive even with that glitch, so throughout all of our evolutionary history we’ve kept that small reminder that we were not originally made to live on land.
Now, with that background out of the way, the reason I’m telling you this is because there is something wrong with my eyes. I learned about refraction in school, and I learned that everyone else saw it, but I never did. If I put a spoon in water, or look at my legs in a river, they look perfectly straight. I’d mentioned this to my doctor as a child, but he didn’t believe me, so I’ve never really brought it up or thought about it much. I kind of thought in a self important way that maybe my eyes had a mutation of some kind, and left it at that.
It was something I’d wonder about every once in a while, but I never really yearned for answers, and I never really thought I would get them. It was just one of those things.
Until last week that is. I think I finally know what’s going on, why my eyes are like this. I have some theories, but first I need to tell you about what happened.

I’d never been to the ocean before. My buddy John has family out in Hawaii and he was planning a trip out there to visit his great aunt. He invited me to go, and of course I accepted, it’s Hawaii, I wasn’t going to say no.
The first day we had to ourselves John took me on a hike so we could visit a less crowded part of the beach. We ended up finding a lovely little lagoon to hang out in, and decided to just swim and laze around. John is one of those people who always has crazy hypotheticals up his sleeve, or he’s ready to plan in depth for what we would do in the zombie apocalypse, so I could easily spend all day just hanging out with him. We’d brought food, and lots of sunscreen and decided we might just hang out at the lagoon all day.
The water was perfect and the bright sun shining through the leaves made those little patches of sparkly water in between the cool striped shadows from the trees. There were so many birds there too, chirping and fluttering around. It was my first real experience in the ocean, and it was absolutely perfect.
We were having a heated argument about what a human/centaur hybrid baby would look like when I first saw it.
At first I thought it was the shadow of a bird flying overhead, there was just a dark shape moving smoothly and quickly over the water. But a glance up showed nothing in the sky. Though it looked like some of the smaller birds were taking off.
I realized then that it was something in the water and immediately started worrying about sharks. I yelled “John! There’s something in the water”
“Oh shit” He started swimming for shore and we both scrambled up as the shadow grew closer.
“It’s right there!” I said, pointing, though I’m sure that wasn’t necessary, the thing looked huge. But it was kind of hard to tell what exactly it was. The water was rippling, distorting the image, but it looked almost like it was clear. Like an enormous jellyfish, or maybe it was just a huge plastic bag and I was freaking out over nothing. But it moved so fast, it definitely seemed alive. It came to a stop right at the shore near us.
“I don’t see it?” John said.
“What do you mean, it’s right there!” I was getting agitated now “Let's move back”
We took a few steps back and the thing stilled.
Then, it began to change colors, and as it did more of it’s form presented itself. The midsection became pale beige and the upper bit grew dark. The bottom half was beige as well, but separated off into two distinct sections.
“It uh. It kinda looks like a body, John.” I said
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t see anything.”
I started to wonder if I was hallucinating, it had looked clear before, and now looked like the lifeless form of a woman with long dark hair floating in the shallows. Or perhaps it was a body and I just didn’t see it right as it was floating over, because of the shadows from the trees overhead.
I realized then sort of passively that the birds had stopped singing, in fact a glance up showed that they had all fled. It was so quiet, aside from us.
Something strange was happening. I took a few steps closer and made out the form more clearly as the water stilled around it. There were long dark strands floating around the top of it like hair, and it appeared to have legs, though it was hard to make out any feet or knees, they were just kind of tubes. I wondered if it had been decaying?
I took another step closer, and John said nothing. I now know that he wasn’t able to see what I could.
The form was very still, and I started to wonder if maybe a shark had brought it over, intending to feed. Perhaps the shark had blended into the water more, but then fled leaving just the body. It had all happened so fast, and I was panicking, so I couldn’t be sure I’d been seeing everything right.
The form moved closer to shore, and I didn’t shy away. Part of it peaked above the water near the middle, and I realized very quickly I was looking at a woman's torso, as two breasts rose above the surface. That made me step back.
“It’s a fucking body John”
“I still don’t see anything man”
Then I realized that her skin still looked healthy, it still had some pink to it. And I wondered if she might not be dead after all. I’d have to try CPR.
I stepped forward, and put one foot into the water, reaching my arms under to grab her torso.
She felt wrong, and I quickly decided she was probably dead and must be decaying. But there wasn’t any kind of smell. Her back felt like there were lots of small hard coils or ropes rather than one solid mass of flesh, and alarm bells started sounding off in my head.
I got a closer look at her face as she briefly rose up, and her eyes were just large blue dots on what looked like a smooth surface. I looked briefly at her mouth, trying to see if the rest of her face made sense, But before I could process that properly, one of her breasts lengthened, and then uncoiled into two large tentacles, which wrapped around my arm.
“What the fuck!” I screamed, as it’s hair reached up to grab me too.
I know now that John had no idea what was going on. He couldn’t see anything. But to his credit he ran over. He grabbed me, just as her hair wrapped around my legs, reaching up and grabbing my swim trunks as well.
John pulled as hard as he could as the creature dug into me, pulling my face to the surface of the water. I got a quick look at it’s fleshy head then, and the red blob that made up it's featureless mouth.
Then it constricted like a snake, and spasmed pulling my head underwater. It held me there briefly, but then loosened its hold. I jerked up and gasped for air, and saw blue liquid leaking out of one of its appendages, John had stabbed it with his pocket knife.
He pulled the knife out, then stabbed it again and again, digging into my flesh as well but I didn’t care, adrenaline was coursing through my veins and I only cared about not getting dragged into the water. I realized John must have been looking at where my skin was being pressed in, because to him there was nothing there.
I pointed to it’s awful face and said “Here John, get it here!” And he stabbed blindly, just catching the edge of one of it’s strange eyes.
It let go then, and sloughed into the water. John watched the splashing, but still couldn't seem to fixate on the creature. It left just as quickly as it had come, gliding into the open ocean.

We didn’t go in the ocean for the rest of the trip. I told John about what I’d seen in more detail and he believed me, after all he’d felt the thing grabbing me even if it wasn’t something his eyes could perceive.
We talked about it a bit after that, trying to come up with theories. I told John about the strange thing my eyes do, how they don’t seem to have any trouble looking into the water, when human eyes are supposed to. And he agreed that perhaps that was because I had indeed lost that evolutionary glitch.
We both quickly came to the conclusion that this creature may have been something that could camouflage from other sea life. Perhaps it could hide from the things descended from sea life as well, who’s eyes had evolved underwater.
We talked about the mermaid angle as well, and the resemblance it bore to that tale, but we couldn’t figure out exactly what it meant.
But when I sat down to write all of this down, I realized the rather obvious theory that perhaps I’m not the first person to have eyes that are further away from our fish eyes. Maybe on ships and coastal communities there have been other people like me who’ve spotted the creatures, and that’s where the legends came from.
But this theory indicates some disturbing ideas. That these creatures are intelligent enough to realize when their camouflage isn’t working, and try something else. And more than that, that they have been doing this for a while. It wasn’t mimicking me and John after all, it had presented as a woman, and maybe that was because throughout much of history it’s been mostly men on the sea, or out fishing.
But why go to the trouble of doing something so complex for just a handful of people? The complex strategy used for such an adaptation indicated a frightening level of intelligence. Perhaps it even spoke to a culture and history that these creatures possessed if they were passing an adaptation down to their young.
I thought then of Orca whales, how they’ll kill sperm whales just to eat the tongues, or sharks for their livers. They do this because they’re smart enough and deadly enough to be choosy, to only eat the best meat when it’s available. Perhaps mutants like me taste better.
That line of thinking brought me into the other traits that come along with intelligence as well. Kindness but also cruelty for the sake of it. I thought again of orcas, killing for sport, or house cats playing with their food, chewing off the legs of mice to watch them try and limp away. Then I thought of even darker possibilities, how sea otters will lure other animals into the water for their own sexual gratification or how violent dolphins are towards not only each other, but other sea life when they’re in heat.
I wondered then, why the beast I’d seen was hanging out near the shoreline, when there are quite literally plenty of fish in the sea. Why did it seem to be going for humans specifically? The legends of mermaids and sirens all talked about them using their looks to lure sailors to their doom. They were creatures who seduced humans for some reason, and I thought of the creature poking it’s fake breasts above the water, like it was trying to entice me.
I wondered if it planned on eating me, or if maybe it had something else in mind. I don’t know which fate sounds worse.
I know one thing for sure though. I’m never fucking going in the ocean again, and if you’re reading this, neither should you.
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2022.01.25 14:29 K1ngOfDiam0nds Someone wanted me to post it here. [NSFW]

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2022.01.25 14:29 needsadvice1999 What consulting does to someone

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2022.01.25 14:29 Zalieda If only there is some feature like undo

So I saw a nice post where someone kept 1.of each gyroidite. I had decided to follow that example and keep 1 gyroidite to keep. Track. Of how long I played so far but unfortunately I clicked too fast and I sold off some of the collection
Makes me wish I had some click confirmation or undo button for sure!
What's some of your wishes for the upcoming or future updates and what do you think should be added to make playing alil easier?
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2022.01.25 14:29 bolfington Staring

I don´t know about you guys but my favorite hobby as of recently is just hanging out in mens public restrooms and staring att people.
I have never done anything sexual in any way nor have i touched anyone i just stare. It`s just look of utter discomfort and disgust that is hilarious to me.
I usually stand behind people looking over their shoulder while they use the urinal. Sometimes i peak in between gap of the door on a toilet stall as well.
Do you guys think this is weird? i just find it so fascinating and amusing.
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2022.01.25 14:29 jennie_xxo Doing a social experiment, would love your input. Looking at my photo- what cosmetic procedures do you think I need?

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2022.01.25 14:29 Affectionate-Trip202 Senior dog and Vaccine questions

My labrador retriever (13 y.o., almost 14) is immunocompromised (has been on prednisone for almost a year now) with Chronic Bronchitis. I got a letter in the mail from her vet that my dog is due for 2 vaccines. However, I realized that the last time she got those vaccines, she got so ill and this is what happened. She ended up getting chronic bronchitis. I don't want her to have the vaccines this coming round. I just want her to pass peacefully in the future. Am I allowed to reject the anti rabies and parvo 3 in 1 vaccine? Do you think the vet will no longer treat and prescribe my dog prednisone because of my choice? If she was younger, I would have chose to go through with the vaccines; and yes, I am pro-vaccine. I just don't want her to get any more sick or add on to her stress. She won't be going out to the public.
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2022.01.25 14:29 Dippindoode Hey guys! Just a quick question!

So, I was curious on the topic of guns in Ukraine, I can’t say that I know much about gun laws in Ukraine, but are there people that are trying to acquire them in the just in case moment? Any answer is appreciated!
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2022.01.25 14:29 HydratedHomie test filter

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2022.01.25 14:29 WiseCriticism8376 Adding a new character doing the finger spin every day until I quit: Day 10

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