Can we open the Zach and Bao door before we close it?

2021.11.27 02:42 curiouscat0049 Can we open the Zach and Bao door before we close it?

I know Bao is loved on this Sub and Zach has plenty of sympathizers. However, now that we’ve see the Reunion and the “Where Are They Now? Episodes, what do you think?

I never understood why he, a married man, cared so much that the viewers would think he was having sexual relations with his wife.
Someone made a comment on here and it was a bulls eye 🎯moment for me.
Bao and Zach were taking walks, getting to know each other, whatever.
I think Bao was campaigning for Zach’s “no” because she was already interested in Zach and I believe that interest was reciprocated.
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2021.11.27 02:42 ICE-Ghost- Few sketches of OCs

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2021.11.27 02:42 coming_after_u Get new address with keys

Hi, I’m new to this Cardano thing and don’t know much about it. I want to create a new address and get the public and private keys of it in python. I searched a lot and found a library but I didn’t find it useful. Can anyone help me with how to do that in python?
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2021.11.27 02:42 jktotten Madonna - “Sooner or Later” (live from the 63rd Academy Awards)

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2021.11.27 02:42 buttercow9 Right now may be the best investment opportunity you'll get in the next 5 years -- Here's some historical context

Chart from Coinmarketcap:
Bitcoin and the crypto space in general seem to follow patterns throughout the course of time. I just thought the chart linked above was an interesting little perspective on where we might currently be. Also, keep in mind that in the red 2017 square, people were selling like crazy because bitcoin was hitting seemingly face-melting ATHs that nobody thought were possible. It seemed like it couldn't possibly go up more -- until it did. Of course, anything can happen but I am certainly not selling within the next 6 months. Not financial advice. :)
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2021.11.27 02:42 zman6801 Stardew Valley Mod Problems

Hey guys,
I'm trying to play modded stardew valley and smapi keeps crashing and this is the error log. It was working this morning and now it's not. Any ideas?

[00:34:49 INFO SMAPI] SMAPI 2.6-beta.18 with Stardew Valley 1.5.4 on Microsoft Windows 10 Home
[00:34:49 DEBUG SMAPI] Mods go here: C:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods
[00:34:49 TRACE SMAPI] Log started at 2021-11-27T05:34:49 UTC
[00:34:49 ERROR SMAPI] SMAPI failed to initialise: System.MissingFieldException: Field not found: 'StardewValley.Game1.locations'.
at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.SGame..ctor(IMonitor monitor, Reflector reflection, EventManager eventManager, Action onGameInitialised, Action onGameExiting)
at StardewModdingAPI.Program.RunInteractively() in C:\source\_Stardew\SMAPI\src\SMAPI\Program.cs:line 222
[00:34:49 INFO SMAPI] Game has ended. Press any key to exit.
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2021.11.27 02:42 FunBoiMeeper Day 35 of posting chocolate until Haunted Chocolatier comes out

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2021.11.27 02:42 svveetd33 Weird Sister Records

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2021.11.27 02:42 detectivestupid Luna just being her photogenic self.

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2021.11.27 02:42 Slow_Quarter_7689 Going bald

Good day good people, is it just me but why do I feel like bald headed guys have all the fun in the world...its ever since i went bald, i was better seen by the ladies, the rest with hair find me more I always say , God created the perfect heads, the rest is covered with hair....what is your opinion?
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2021.11.27 02:42 Asriel-the-Jolteon I animated Kiara Defending

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2021.11.27 02:42 abbycat1590 Curry is so good

Great player, great person, great father and great husband. Curry just makes me so happy when he hits a 3.
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2021.11.27 02:42 wolfgang012 i just used iroiro for the first time and i love it !!!! hopefully it stays this vibrant for a little bit

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2021.11.27 02:42 NanceyCrow There are apps for making bell sounds on the phone

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2021.11.27 02:42 Carefour0589 Although no kraken, a game that I am proud of. I died when it was 2 vs 3 but I manage to hit enough.

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2021.11.27 02:42 sharkpickles a response to the angry person who posted a few mins ago about SWFs

dear friend who was extremely mad about losing to a SWF...
i feel like you're a newish killer.
you won some good matches in the Ash/Bronze tier and were feeling pretty good about yourself. getting 2, 3, and even some 4ks, winning chases, doing all right.
and now, i take it you've met our ubiquitous friends, the wannabe-streamer SWF team, each equipped with flashlights and something to prove to their mob of 13 fans
my friend, take a deep breath and hear me out.

1) it happens to the best of us. i've been maining killer a long time, and i consider myself pretty good...and no matter what, there are always people who'll outplay us.
i don't care HOW good someone is. you can be the biggest streamer on Planet Earth with 10 million followers, and there's STILL some guy in Japan or Canada or Iceland who'll stomp you. just because someone is the most popular doesn't mean that person is the "best". this goes for dbd and real-life stuff too. i've no doubt that there are people all over the planet who'd kill in the NBA or NFL, but nobody knows who they are.
so don't worry about it. there's always someone better, no matter how great you get.

2) i agree that many of these people are fails and complete douchebags. once they see a killer is below their skill level, they take the opportunity to taunt and humiliate that person, because they get some kind of dubious pleasure out of it. it's absolutely pitiful, you're right.
they need something else in their lives except dbd, but...they probably won't get it, likely because their entire lives center on video games.
try to feel good that YOU aren't this type of person. imagine what a lot of these morons are missing that YOU probably get to enjoy.
you don't WANT to be like that, right? you have a life outside of this game? don't worry about it. you probably enjoy things that these people will never have. you win in real life, and that's what matters.
take it from someone who's been a gamer for about 30 years now--and has known many, MANY "good" gamers. a lot of these people live in roach-infested trailer parks in Dickface Falls, Mississippi, on welfare or disability, or they're like 45 and they live with their parents and have never even had a gf, let alone a spouse.
trust'd rather be a regular person than have the time and energy to be "good" at this bullshit. for most of this, it's just a casual hobby. we have REAL shit to do in life.
a lot of these people don't. it's pitiful, you're right. so don't desire to be like them. they'd trade their life for yours in a SECOND...but you'd never, ever trade your life for theirs. just trust me on this one.

3) you're pissed off because you feel humiliated. you feel like people made a fool of you, and now they're laughing about it behind your back.
they probably are, and it's sad that certain types of people behave this way.
but again, YOU don't humiliate people, right? you'd never behave like that, right? i'm guessing you wouldn't.
it can be tough because out there in Real Life, people can't just behave this way and get away with it. there are CONSEQUENCES of doing that to someone's face.
so people like us aren't accustomed to that feeling of being humiliated, yet being powerless to amend the situation.
you're not used to people taunting and humiliating you, because most people can't--or won't dare--behaving like this Out There. and tbh, none of these people would dare doing it in real life, to people's faces. mostly because so many of them are pimply, pale, geeky little dweebs who'd get their asses stomped sideways if they tried.
hence: they do it in games, the only place where THEY get to chuckle and rub their hands together and feel big. they get to be the bullies, and it's some kind of sick power trip for them.
i know this because i've known plenty of gamers who openly, freely admitted it to me.
personally, i don't feel bad for people like that. any kind of bully is a worthless pile of shit, in games or in real life, period.
but anyway, there's nothing to be done about it. there just isn't. talking shit in EGC won't help anything--it just fuels their twerpy little fanboys, fanning the flames of their petty, insignificant little lives. let them clap and laugh. they're just sad people all around.
they feel good when they make people feel bad, because it's their only way of getting some kind of specious revenge. making people feel bad is the only way they can relieve the anguish of existing inside their own skins.
you know who wins in this situation? YOU. because you don't do this sort of thing, YOU are the bigger, better person. try to keep that in mind, yeah?

4) if you're gonna play killer, you gotta toughen up your skin and be prepared for this type of thing. getting steamed and trying really hard will just make you even angrier and more frustrated. then you'll start getting negative associations with this game, and you'll quit.
nobody likes being humiliated, especially when the perpetrators do it with impunity. there's no punishment. no justice. they do it and get away with it--every day of every week. realize that they pull this bullshit on everyone. it isn't just you. they're pissed off at the whole world--mostly for things they do to themselves, it's their own fault--so they take it out on strangers.
there's nothing for it. you just gotta get back on the horse and keep playing and practicing. know why? because in time, YOU will be stomping these people's guts out. they'll try to taunt and humiliate you, and you'll be smacking them down faster than Snyder's hounds.

picking on noobs is just lame as fuck, i agree. it sucks ass when people behave this way. but try to stick with it and keep practicing--it takes a LONG time to get skilled at anything.
and you know what? you may NEVER get that good. you probably have other hobbies and interests, relationships and work, family life and a home, friends and places to go.
a lot of these people....don't. this is their LIFE. gaming is their LIFE. they LIVE for it.
you probably don't have the time, energy, or desire to GET GUUUUUD at video games, because you have an actual real life to deal with--and you also have the benefits of that real life.
do you have a burning desire to humiliate people in video games? to be THE BEST RAAAAAWRRR at some child's game?
do you want to spend 12-16 hours a day sitting in front of a monitor, probably ignoring other things that matter, like your health, your significant other (if you have one), your career, your weight, your family, your kids, your dental care, or your other projects and life goals...just so you can taunt and humiliate people in video games?
i didn't think so. the vast majority of us do not. we like our real lives just how they are, thank ya very much.

so don't sweat it, ok?
you're doing just fine. you're all right just how you are right now.
just trust me on this one.
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2021.11.27 02:42 iesight How to Supercharge Interactive Prototype Workflow

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2021.11.27 02:42 clip_mirror_bot lil uzi vert is a juicer xqcL

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2021.11.27 02:42 RetroDiddy Random Code Card Giveaway

Sorry if this is a stupid post or question. I want to give away codes to random people and want everyone to have a fair chance before bots eat them up. Like they did my lat post. Any suggestions would be appreciated. DM me if you have some ideas.
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2021.11.27 02:42 untenable681 Living in my head is really hard, and a lot of the people around me regularly underestimate how true that is.

TL;DR: My mental health is challenging. Today's my birthday, and yesterday was a holiday. I'm fighting my head really hard, feel alone, and want to decompress about it.
Okay, into my rant.
I always have static in my head. I can do things to mitagate that like taking my prescribed meds, doing therapy, listening to music, meditating, et al, but when I'm not actively engaged in abating that static, it's at about 25% of my maximum internal noise tolerance, something that is further taxed just by living daily life. This means that at my best when I'm just chilling, I have 25% less of myself to put into anything than it seems like those around me have.
Additionally, if something hits my social anxiety, depression, or C-PTSD the wrong way, the static increases volume. If I'm in a quiet enough environment when this happens, I can hear the static turn into voices. They aren't the kinds of voices I can't identify, and they don't tell me to do things; they're all snippets of the worst conversations I've ever had about whatever pinged my brain. At first, it's like I have a ring of invisible talking heads circling mine, all talking at once and indistinguishable from one another. It sounds a lot like the first couple minutes of Diablo 2's "soundchaosdebug" command unless I choose to focus on individual voices. Then, I can hear plainly what the person said in the conversation snippet and who said it while the rest of the voices diminish to a whisper. Each head's snippet is always on loop like a TikTok video (something that makes TikTok hard to hear sometimes). If that sound goes unaddressed, it starts increasing in volume until the voices are accompanied by the static, both at almost maximum internal noise tolerance, and that escalates eventually into what sounds like a 10kHz sine wave. That is always beyond maximum tolerance, and it shuts me down or makes me verbally explode.
It makes me highly distractable. I can't always engage in a conversation how I'd like because of it, and it has rendered my short-term memory unreliable. It makes conflict resolution a challenge, and I'm easily gas-lit. It is my biggest difficulty in maintaining close relationships on any level because it hinders communication. It makes me look like an inconsistent, flighty person, or someone leverages it against me somehow for their advantage. When I try to explain it to seemingly well-meaning people in an effort to get them to understand me, all they hear is me telling them I'm not normal and want to be fixed. They immediately externalize it as not-their-problem, and in an effort to "handle" me for their own relational convenience, they try and change me rather than hearing that I'm asking for something from them. While, I am trying to fix it, I have professionals for that, and what I really need from the people around me is to make some social accommodations for me in harder moments rather than spend all my social time trying to troubleshoot my brain. It's remarkably isolating, and loneliness only makes the noise worse. It defeats the effort of experiencing emotional growth through social interaction in spite of these difficulties.
Because of how this has impacted my relationships all through my life, I don't have more than a couple people who're truly close to me, none of whom are "family". It's my 39th birthday today, and on the heels of yesterday's trash excuse for a holiday, the noise in my head is hard. Thanks for letting me vent if you got this far. I hope you're well, and if you share my neurodivergent struggle in any way, I hope reading my word-vomit gave you a chance to exhale.
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2021.11.27 02:42 walros462 Gave me a little chuckle. Thought I'd share.

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2021.11.27 02:42 Heel74 Israel warns of 'emergency' after detecting new virus strain

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2021.11.27 02:42 Confident_Border_810 Join

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2021.11.27 02:42 AuthorRedFlower Omen boss battle.

How to you start the omen fight? Been looking around but found nothing. Even looked it up and still nothing. Can someone explain?
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2021.11.27 02:42 OmarBallouta Lada driving in the countryside of Jordan

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