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Do you believe in Jewpacabra's, why or why not?

2021.11.27 02:18 imnotsteven7 Do you believe in Jewpacabra's, why or why not?

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2021.11.27 02:18 Adventurous-Owl5928 [IWantOut] 36M midlife career change USA -> Canada Mexico or suggestion

I am almost 36 years old, on the verge of a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and looking at internships. To date I have had a spotty work history, 4 years as a bank teller, 4 years as a mail carrier, lots of food service jobs, lots of job jumping, did a stint at an inventory service once as a manager, oy, that was something else.
I am frustrated with what it took to get to this point, and am burnt out on toiling my life away. It shouldn't be this hard. I want to live somewhere that people take care of each other, and has more of an emphasis on community. As far as I'm concerned this country made a sincere effort to turn me into a wage-slave and nearly succeeded. There needs to be more ladders up for people.
My top priority is work-life balance. I'm willing to work hard and eat what I kill, but that can't be everything in life. What's the point of living if you do 10-12 hours every day?
I don't have to make as much money as US tech people make. I'm content to live on less as long as it's comfortable enough, and I see myself as a pretty good investor. *knocks on wood*
I like my cannabis, alot. I want to be somewhere marijuana friendly, if not legal. That's part of why Canada is on my radar. Canada is also closer to my home state than Mexico. I understand that it's pretty dystopian too in some ways too, and wonder how it compares to the US. I have a hard time picturing it being as bad as it is here, though.
It would also be nice to be within "bail" distance, and be able to get back home reasonably quickly if things should go tits up... but maybe I'm just being paranoid. I'm open to considering countries outside of N.A., but that seems like a bigger risk: more distance, more culture shock.
I kind of just want to smoothly make my exit asap though, before I end up working in a company town for Amazon. Sorry to be dramatic.
I'm enthusiastically willing to learn a second language. I speak quite a bit of French already and know some very basic Spanish.
In addition to advice on where to go, I'm open to advice on what career fields to pursue to make things easiest. I'm probably better suited to be software developer than a software engineer. I like to write code.
Should I take my time and get a couple years of experience first?
Open to considering any and all input and advice on anything related to the above topics. What would you do in my position?
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2021.11.27 02:18 justincheng0509 [USA-CA][H]Used Asus strix B550i[W]Paypal/local cash

used, one sata port was accidentally yanked out during disassembly, does not have any effect on function just 1 less Sata port. 150 shipped. Timestamp
Local 94086
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2021.11.27 02:18 mightycarpenter How do I approach my boss for more money.

I've only been employed by them since July. I'm the fill in guy. I run every machine when other call off and they have none else. For example, I forget to shutdown one of the big machines and no one knew how to even shut it off. I'm a valuable asset and I deserve more. Other shops in my area are offering alot more in terms of money as benefits.
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2021.11.27 02:18 fUnSizeBoy_101 Can flashback Benzema play CAM, or would that not suit him?

View Poll
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2021.11.27 02:18 kittycatsnores Something else isn’t right…

I always thought customers couldn’t modify their tip until after delivery. There was an order sitting on my batch screen for a while today with what looked to be a flat $10.50 tip. No items were added to the order as it sat there, and all of a sudden the tip went to $11.33. Has anyone else seen this happen? It’s the second order I’ve noticed this with in the past week.
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2021.11.27 02:18 Imaginary-Clue6230 How to tell SO about friend I met on dating app

I (25m) need some perspective. Back in June I went on two Hinge dates with a girl (24) but we never clicked romantically. Because we were both new to the area and didn't have much of a social circle, we decided to remain friends (without benefits). We send each other TikToks and sometimes play videogames online. Back when I was single I didn't mind getting meals with her (not dates). I've also invited her out to a bar WITH another few friends because I thought it'd be nice having her in my friend group.
Recently a new girl (24) that I've been dating for 2 months and I have become official, and I couldn't be happier. We also met on Hinge. But I've been a bit concerned telling her about this friend that I met 5 months ago. I wouldn't want her getting the wrong idea about me remaining friends with someone I went on a couple dates with in June.
This situation is potentially coming to a head next weekend because an old friend and I are organizing a bar crawl get together with lots of people. I obviously invited my new girlfriend, but I also invited the friend I met on Hinge (1. Because I told her she was invited a few months ago when we were planning the event, and 2. Because theoretically if she is only a friend, there should be no reason not to).
I'm not blind to the reality that my new girlfriend could be confused or potentially uncomfortable with this. I'd really appreciate some advice on dealing with the situation. I would be willing to cut the hinge friend out of my circle, but I'm glad we have a good friendship, and I wouldn't want that to end. And it doesn't have to be said but Id never consider cheating. (I was previously in a long term, long distance relationship for 7 years and never cheated).
I asked a few people I know how they'd deal with the situation, and they said "just don't mention you met the friend on Hinge". Which makes enough sense, but then I'd feel like I was hiding something.
TLDR: I don't know how to tell my new gf about a friend I met through a dating app 5 months ago.
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2021.11.27 02:18 Metazoxan Question about setting (question involves spoilers)

So is this like an SAO situation except with Amnesia?
Or did the world become real as well as it's more like a Log Horizon situation?
I just want to know now because if it's the former it kind of makes this feel like a "it was all a dream" type thing ... sort of.
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2021.11.27 02:18 withnothingyet ACC weak FFB with csl dd on xbox series x

I have been searching the web and can’t find any clear answer or guidance. Any tips to resolve it would be greatly appreciated.
Finally got ACC and the FBB is lackluster. My settings are out of the box default for wheel base and game.
Compared to AC on the same race track, it feels like 30% of power only. Also cannot feel the kerb at all on ACC.
Thanks in advanced.
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2021.11.27 02:18 Ok-Percentage-8195 Ok, I’m on season 7…She is not an athlete or should he told she’s “Fit Whit”. Every challenge she does makes me cringe. They should not be putting her body through all that. Also… I can’t stand the “Bros”

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2021.11.27 02:18 FeDeWould-be Is there any YouTube channel or community where people deconstruct good fiction/ sentences and explain what makes them work in various ways?

Yo redirect me if there’s a better place to ask this.
For example I want someone to take a sentence or a passage out of a Philip K Dick book or any of the greats, maybe provide a bit of context about what that writer was known for doing well and just really deconstruct what it is with examples that makes their writing work in particular ways. Thanks
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2021.11.27 02:18 Xfininator "Brickface"

Recently me and a few friends decided to a go on a road trip/camping trip up in the country side of where we live. We were going to camp out each night and by day visit the sights of the country.
During one time while we were camping me and my other friend Ivan decided to go for a walk around in the middle of the night for fun since looking at YouTube videos while at 1 bar from a nearby phone line wasn't too much fun. As we walked around we were really just trying to get out and do something to justify actually going on the trip. Eventually we stumbled upon a brick wall that blocked us from going any further as beyond that wall was considered private property. Ivan wanted to jump the wall. He decided to turn on his flashlight to see better in the darkness.
Upon doing so a figure with a head as a brick and had a body and torso shaped almost in the way of the cement between bricks. "It" charged at us and we began to yell and prepared to run as I was turning around to run away I felt a touch on my shoulder. But when I was fully turned away... the touch feeling disappeared. At the millisecond of my life I felt my heart stop.

Due to my lack of art ability this is what I could produce resembling what we saw that night.

But there was no time to think. We ran back to the campsite just a bit down from where we were at. We found our other 2 friends asleep in the time we were gone and we frantically shook the entire tent to wake them up. Eventually they woke up confused and we tried to hastily explain the situation.
Eventually they got woken up and we all in panic didn't even pack the tent. We grabbed everything aside from those and got out of there. We sped away fast as no one was nearby and there was no civilization so no one was going to realize it. It has been over 2 months since this situation before one of the friends who was asleep in the tent messaged me on our chatting client asking me for the full story.
I still wonder to this day what would've happened hadn't I looked away.

Written and Created by Xfininator
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2021.11.27 02:18 Comprehensive-Dot456 [GTA 3 Definitive Edition] is that all you got trophy not unlocking

I just finished the final mission in GTA 3 definitive edition and my stats says percentage complete 100 and yet the 100% trophy is not unlocking. WTF I’m so pissed. Can anyone help me or have any info in this shit???
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2021.11.27 02:18 1awk $50 to whoever can help me fix my CSGO

Hello, I have been experiencing major problems in CS since about a year ago, I returned to the game 2 years ago after a 1 year break and everything was fine for the first year, things were smooth game felt as it usually did and how I remember it and then a year ago it just started to all go to shit, the movement feels horrible, random skips in frames, when people peek me they are not even on my screen by the time I am being shot, peeking people does not work as well, holding angles is horrible, shots do not register as well as they should. It all started very randomly and I have gone through extensive pain trying to fix this problem, I have built an entirely new computer (5900x and 3070), bought a voltage regulator which did not help at all, bought 2 different monitors and third one is on its way, completely new keyboard and mouse, have tried different outlets in my house, new motherboards, everything I could possibly do and nothing is working. Before you reply with the normal clean driver install, clean windows install, every csgo optimization, everything in bios. I have tried it all everything that is out there regarding to problems in CSGO, other games work fine that I have tried. Please try and help it would be greatly appreciated and would help me finally get through this thanks. Also, it is completely weird but after a power outage in late august and september, everything was fine for about 5 days and then it went back to how it usually is.
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2021.11.27 02:18 Effective_Middle Enhance your Ecommerce Strategy with Click-and-Collect

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2021.11.27 02:18 NoCommercial7609 Interview of the singer "Winx" Elisa Rosselli about working on seasons 5-7:

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2021.11.27 02:17 ZENESYS_316 Human is a skeleton if they don't have flesh

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2021.11.27 02:17 ellafirewolf My boy knows exactly when it’s time for mama to get off her night shift.

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2021.11.27 02:17 Cashaunn Spotify issue

Has anyone had an issue on their google home hub using spotify where your music will say its on 4:45 but the song is only 2 minutes long?
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2021.11.27 02:17 JoeyDariz Cresselia raid on me 4797 9147 1416

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2021.11.27 02:17 glr123 How to unload a refrigerator

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2021.11.27 02:17 Throwaway86747291 A little photoshoot in Utah...

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2021.11.27 02:17 alifcollection Rate My Bio + Tips?

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2021.11.27 02:17 saayantan KidsAreFuckingStupid 🤣🎉✨🧨

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2021.11.27 02:17 idspispopd ‘We are not here to get killed’: Wet’suwet’en solidarity actions met with armed police response

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