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How many videos needed for views

2021.11.27 03:02 ConsiderMeANoob How many videos needed for views

As the title suggests how many videos (on average) do i need to post to start getting organic viewers? (Organic as in not family and friends) My niche is roblox tutorials.
Thanks in advance

p.s. tell me if i've put the wrong flair
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2021.11.27 03:02 lexxpaigee anyone looking for visitors?

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2021.11.27 03:02 Mogu_Mogu987 Shining Pearl Egglocke (Egg Request)

Title says it all, I need some eggs for my Shining Pearl egglocke, so if anyone has access to that part of the game I'll take any and all eggs you would like to donate; national dex or otherwise.
I would greatly appreciate any donations, please let me know if you have eggs, no matter how many or few!
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2021.11.27 03:02 xXJk18Xx Top grossing?

I’ve heard we hit top grossing in a few areas not sure if true or not but does anyone remember if it’s happened before and what we would get if true?
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2021.11.27 03:02 Extreme_Illustrator2 Voice Lines (Repost coz I posted in r/teenagers accidently 🥲💀)

Tell me some Adorable/Cute voice lines
Here's my favorite(Barik. No, I don't main him): Oooh, I feel great.
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2021.11.27 03:02 dobidido Anyone annoyed that flip 3 is $500 off in Australia black friday?

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So my lease is up in March and my current roommate and I will be splitting ways. I don’t know if I’ll be renewing the lease or finding somewhere new but I know I will need a roommate either way. I’m 23 year old lady with a senior cat and a possible video game addiction. The reason I’m posting so early is that I would like to get to know my potential roommate for a while before moving in together. So if you’re interested (or just wanna be pals or something 🤷🏻‍♀️) you can email me at Shelbyroundthemountain@gmail.com or add me on discord shoob#7928
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2021.11.27 03:02 UlTrAJaSoN petition: give monke neck. (like actually give them custom models like heros pls)

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2021.11.27 03:02 Lil_Bean_Boi So I just got the last plant I needed to complete my garden

I also have every prestige upgrade. What should I do now? Should I just leave the game for a few months to come back to a lot of sugar lumps?
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2021.11.27 03:02 smartybrome Free Research Paper Writing Tutorial - Como fazer o projeto do seu TCC?

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2021.11.27 03:02 AustinPaschall The Shining; Jack had the shining, not Danny

So, my theory basically says Jack had the shining all along, abusing Danny for years, either Sexually or Physically, making up excused for years at a time. if it did go into that Pedo area. It would make sense for Kubrick to not say much about it, ever, all the way to his death, given what Horrors Hollywood had.
First it opens up with jack applying for the job, outright jack lists what hes good at and already says right out of the gate his family will love staying the winter there without confronting them. again, jack has complete control over them at this point, we're also told about the murders that happen in this scene, jack brushes it off but in reality, him being told this plays a big role
we cut to Danny brushing his teeth in the bathroom and he asks tony if 'dad' got the job, to which tony replies he already did, jack told Danny via the shining this way. and forces Danny to collapse. leading us to the next scene of the doctor checking out Danny, VERY important part here is look to Danny's right, or the viewers left, you'll see a bear with a pink mouth on his bed, anyone part of this subreddit knows where I'm going with that but we'll come back to that later. doctor asks him about tony, Danny tells him the truth to the best of his understanding, something very unsettling is tony lives in his mouth, and hides in his stomach, and more over when the doctor asks him if tony tells him to do things, Danny refuses to talk any further about tony.
^this part is the scary bit, a big reason Kubrick could have kept it private is back then, there were a hell of a lot of pedophiles in Hollywood, Kubrick wanting to keep his career could have expressed his distaste for it through his art, and never elaborated on it out of fear. specifically the part thatch unsettling is we all know what the bear does later in the movie, but we'll come back to that later
Next scene is the doctor asking Wendy about tony and what kind of episode happened. she says that these are brought on by emotional factors and rarely occur again, an "auto hypnosis" one jack could inflict on Danny at any time via the shining, the doctor then asked when tony started appearing, Wendy replies around the time of nursery school. which would have been the first instance of jack using his power to be as controlling as possible, possibly why he quit teaching and was a former teacher because he couldn't perform his sick needs to anyone publicly, so he had to keep it in the family. Wendy then claims jack dislocated Danny's shoulder after a night of drinking and Danny scattering pages, he promises Wendy he'll never touch another drop or she could leave him, this promise could have been true as jack knew he could lose his control over them if he continued.
Next scene, they're driving down the road, jack talks to Danny and Wendy with an annoyed condescending tone. jack seems to be getting amused when talking about grotesque things and reassures Wendy everything's alright because Danny was exposed to such things on TV, a convenient way to cover up exposing his son to these things, whether Danny said this out of his own free will is uncertain.
Next scene, jack states EXACTLY where Danny is, again, he always has that tune, that may be a stretch given a parent knowing where their child is is pretty common. that whole "man in the burgundy coat washing a dish rack" theory is kind of out the window, upon rewatching this on amazon, that "coat" is plaid, not a straight burgundy. however the importance of this scene is still prevalent. Wendy talking about the beauty of the hotel giving her a reason to stay. along with giving jack some insight about it being built on native American grounds.
Next scene we see Danny playing darts. This is Danny's first encounter with the twins, the reason jack never said a word while taking his stroll through the hotel, he was channeling his energy to make Danny see things. specifically the two twins jack was told were murdered in the first scene. jack is using this to make Danny have this sense of unease, jack himself has already, this early into the film, proven to be sadistic in a sense. so making his own son feel this fear wouldn't be too much of a stress, even just for his own fun.
Next scene jack starts talking again after doing what he did with Danny via the shining, as they take a stroll to his room and reassures that Danny's small bed was perfect for a child. then they visit the front and explains how the snowplow worked, a very simple and easy to understand device, easy to drive. important later
next scene is the ballroom with the bar. where they say there is no alcohol on the premise, which obviously comes into play later. this scene transitions into where they meet dick Halloran. dick eventually calls Danny, doc, twice during the kitchen tour. dick walks Danny and Wendy through the kitchen, notice, the very MOMENT Danny specifically enters the pantry, a white noise starts to play. a high pitch ring, possibly signifying whats happening later, or worse, someone else trying to communicate to Danny via the shining, and jack trying everything in his power to stop it. by trying to block out any noise possible. and it leaves the moment they step out. Either the pantry has some sort of radiated Shining esc energy, or just jack protecting his ass. After this scene, Dick asks Danny if he wants ice cream, could just be trying to keep appearances in front of the others or from the fact Danny never responded with the shining. doc knows Danny knows about the shining which is why he tells him about it. Dick confronts Danny in the next scene and tells him about how his grandma and himself had conversations constantly and what they call it. Danny being silent after confronted finally says "he's not supposed to" dick questions this and he responds "tony" which could be Jack telling Danny via Tony never to tell anyone, as most abusive people do they try to keep it a secret. and then he explains that tony talks to him when Danny is in a hypnotic state. which could be one of two things, one, Danny repressing any trauma his dad may have caused him, physically or sexually. or two, he really is unconscious under his dads control. Danny then says mom and dad know about tony, but tony told him never to tell his mom or dad about tony, jack keeping his cover and Wendy being oblivious. at this point, Danny may have lost control, not complete. but jack may be in control as he starts to question dick right back. specifically about room 237, jack's reading the room, including dicks thoughts as well. main thing that leads me to believe this is the "ain'tcha" part. seems like more of a jack vocabulary, Danny is warned not to enter room 237, possibly because dick senses something bad will happen to Danny if he goes in there, jack and Danny now know this
Next scene we see takes place one month later. we see things on both Danny and Wendy and what they're doing in the hotel while jack is asleep. we see Danny riding around on his big wheel and Wendy bringing jack breakfast in bed which may be the one and only time he inst directly hostile, passive aggressive or just regular aggressive to Wendy in the film. jack is relaxed in this scene, he knows he has complete control over his family with no one to intervene. jack admits he fell in love with it for this reason, says he has been here before. almost as if he knew what was going to be around every corner, which, if jack was seeing through wendy's eyes at the time, she was walking a few steps ahead of jack during the tour. then mocks the theme of ghosts. jack is then seen in the typewriter room banging a tennis ball against a wall to pass the time, Danny and Wendy go through the hedge maze at this time where jack, wondering through the hallways at this time, comes across a small diorama of the maze itself. then as he's looking over the maze, we as the viewer can see an overshot of Danny and Wendy going through the maze, smack down in the middle. through jack's eyes. which in itself adds to the theory, jack knows exactly where they are at all times, even in the maze. but most specifically, the landmark in the middle.
Next scene we see Danny, riding through on the iconic carpet on his big wheel, he comes across the room dick was afraid of. hesitantly reaches for the handle, and doesn't open it, and rides away. next scene Wendy confronts jack for family time. jack snaps a bit and gives Wendy the cold shoulder and hides away his work. whatever he wrote, jack then snaps again and says "whenever you interrupt me it breaks my concentration, you're distracting me and im right back to where i was" which could be him losing his control on Danny in the previous scene, if these happened simultaneously, it prevented Danny from going in 237 because jack told him to go in but was denied. jack then watches from the distance, as Wendy and Danny have fun in the snow. jack is angry that Wendy broke his concentration, seeing Danny enjoy his life. being happy. is the last thing jack wanted.
Next scene, Wendy calls the local police to make idle conversation as isolation hast been kind to her, following this we see Danny riding around in his big wheel finding the twins again, along with their mutilated corpses. they echo the words "𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒑𝒍𝒂𝒚 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝒖𝒔, 𝒅𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒚, 𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓" Danny wishes to talk to tony at this point to comfort his fear. tony is with him meaning jack has control again, and wants Danny to feel that sense of dread and hopelessness and fear that jack enjoys inflicting. citing the same logic as "he saw it on the television, it inst real" and mentioning dick halloran. confirming tony/jack knows about dick being a comfort for Danny. jack will destroy this later on to hurt Danny even further.
Next scene, Danny is watching TV with his mother. here's where jack starts learning a way to have an unbroken concentration, while he sleeps. which will be a re occurring theme from here on out, Danny asks if he can go to his room to get his toy, jack only went to bed a few hours prior so the chances of him being actively awake are slim considering he slept till 11:30 not too long prior. Danny enters Jacks room where a very unsettling conversation takes place, two things may have happened in this seen, jack did something awful to Danny and is making him have a false memory, which is unlikely as its never happened prior. or jack woke up in time and had a very creepy conversation with his son, very unsettling movements, speeches, etc, this could be jack battling with himself, knowing what he did was wrong, which actually is a reoccurring theme we'll visit soon. but specifically the dialogue here makes it go either way for me. "how's it goin doc" "okay" "having a good time?" "yes dad" "good, i want you to have a good time" "i am dad" all while danny feels a gross sense of unease, and jacks eyes and hands slowly drift down Danny's body off screen, this thought to me is sickening but, analyzing a 40 year old movie thatch never been solved might have to venture where others don't. anyway back to the dialogue. "dad?" "yes?" "do you feel bad?" "no, just a little tired" "well why don't you go to sleep?" "i cant, i have too much to do" "dad?" "yes?" "do you like this hotel?" "yes, i do, i love it, dontchu?" "i guess so" "good, i want you to like it here, i wish we could 𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒚 𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒆 𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓"
^that last part is the unsettling part, he echoed the twins earlier in the film. for the iconic "come play with us Danny, forever and ever and ever" which to me was conformation that jack had something to do with their appearance
Danny then asks jack, "dad, you would never hurt mommy and me would ya?" jack's face looks shocked here. as he asks "what do you mean? did your mother ever say that to you? that i would hurt you?" Danny replies "no dad" "you sure?" "yes dad" jack at this point realizes he may have let too much of his sadism leak into dandy head, he may have let him know more than he was supposed to. jack then reassures Danny by saying "i love you Danny, i love you more than anything else in the whole world , and i would never do anything to hurt ya, you know that dontcha?" "yes dad," "good" we all know jacks true intentions are revealed later in the film, and in my theory we know hes been hurting Danny for a long, long time.
In the next scene, Danny finally enters room 237, with a key unlocking the door leaving it open. Danny enters looking for his mom, he blacks out as the camera fades out, as he broke Hollorans rules just at the entrance, i don't believe at this point, Danny is in control, i believe his dad is right now, the next scene we see Wendy running towards a screaming jack asleep at his typewriter, at this point, he himself either strangled Danny and left him in the tub in 237 after either sexually kissing him as the woman scene later on tells, or just strangling him and leaving him in the tub. OR Danny is doing what jack says later in the film "i think he did it to himself" via jacks control. when jack is asleep, i believe he has full bodily control over Danny, as his concentration is at its fullest then. anyway, Wendy wakes jack, jack wakes up, panicked dazed and confused after controlling Danny, this could have either been him lying and trying to cover up the fact he did it or he genuinely is disoriented after having his son strangle himself while he was in control, jack then talks about his "terrible nightmare" where he describes something that happens earlier in the film, the Grady twins and how they died, described, for Wendy and Danny. those malicious thoughts he's having aren't manifesting, they've always been there. he only now has an excuse and a method to do it. Danny comes into the room, marks around his neck, at this point its hard to tell the actual sizes of fingers that strangled him, if it was himself or jack. so that's a coin toss. Wendy, turns to jack and accuses him of doing this. jack caught red handed does what any pathological liar does when they cant be original on the dime. denies it and thinks of something later.
Next scene, jack, angry that he's losing control over Wendy and she now has a clear view of what a monster he truly is, he heads to the bar. and passes out, talks to the bartender who ins't there drinking booze that doesn't exist. the iconic speech takes place after this but I'll just cut to the parts that were significant. specifically the "white man's burden" line, giving himself any excuse he can to be the way he is. along with the whole "alcohol makes him act out," so he's drinking it. at this point these illusions aren't there for any reason, these are here for jack to convince himself that what hes going to do wasn't his fault. it was the drink, Jack then refers to his wife as a sperm bank and that hes having problems. but its nothing he cant handle. at this time the bartender tells him 'women, you cant live with em, cant live without em" which amuses jack, jack then goes into the only time he was caught hurting Danny. he said it was 3 years ago, Wendy,, earlier in the movie says that Danny scattered SCHOOL papers around and it happened 5 MONTHS before this took place, Jack retelling his story, opens with "i never laid a hand on him goddammit," followed by him saying a partial truth, he did hurt him but he said it was an accident, completely unintentional, could've happened to anybody, and proceeds to say it happened "3 goddamn YEARS ago" which at the time this conversation takes place, its 6-7 months since Danny dislocated his shoulder according to Wendy. he also says he "had thrown all HIS papers on the floor" those papers were Danny's school papers. jack is covering up his lies to anyone and everyone, even himself and his own illusions. Wendy comes barging into the room, she puts her hand on jacks shoulder, jack jerks forward in a falling motion and snaps straight back up, as if he was woken up. from a slumber, Wendy tells jack there's someone else in the hotel with them. Danny told them, if jack was asleep in this scene, he's getting stronger, he was able to convince himself a story all while having Danny tell his mom there was someone in the hotel with them, in room 237. a crazy woman, jack found a way to cover himself, jack dismisses it at first, because he either didn't remember doing it and only remembers the conversation with Lloyd. OR he knows that sounds ludicrous, so he's playing dumb to cover his tracks, and blowing it off as crazy as it sounds.
In the next scene, we see Dick receiving a vision. all while jack is conveniently away from Wendy, we see Danny, foaming at the mouth, possibly being choked out, and seeing two perspectives, Danny's and jacks. it's unclear which one Dick is seeing, or maybe all three, jack is projecting onto Dick the narrative he wants Dick to believe to get him to come there. and making it seem like Danny is the one sending him this message, and what better way to do that then to have it not be vocal. not a word is said in this scene, this is purely Jack projecting this into Dick, the scary part however. is the possibility of what this scene may be, a pedophilic nature. This entire scene may have happened earlier in the film, and jack is telling himself it was a woman, my theory is that in reality, jack is kissing Danny in a sexual nature, realizes what sort of sick shit he's doing, and chokes him out and leaves him in the bathtub. he then stumbles back to his typewriter and drifts off, leaving Danny in 237 in the bathtub, where the woman emerges from Danny's perspective, again, this is jack manipulating himself into believing he was seeing a very sexy woman, only to see in the mirror, what atrocity he's really committing. and replacing reality with a woman, someone he wants to think himself attracted to in a deplorable manner.
Next scene we see Dick on the phone trying to contact the hotel to no avail.. jack in the following scene, goes to confront Wendy and tell her nothing was in 237, hiding either the fact that he did something awful in there or just straight up lying. either way something went down. Jack, then tries once again to gaslight Wendy into thinking there's no one else in the hotel. and Danny is the crazy one and did it to himself, a classic pathological liar trope. convince any third party that the opposing side, or victim, is just crazy. Danny, in his room petrified, hears a distorted version of Wendy, which may be jack hearing what Wendy is saying and throwing it right back in Danny's face. along with the "redrum" murder type thing and the classic blood elevator, possible reference to the bloodbath jack is going to try and pull, honestly the elevators the only thing i don't have a full explanation on, so if anyone has a theory on that I'd love to hear it, anyway, jack snaps, right back at Wendy, seeing that his own lie was used so blatantly against him, he gets angry, and makes another story saying that Wendy made this problem up, when in fact jack himself is the forefront of this. making the entire thing about himself in a narcissist like tone. he then tries to rely on the "responsibility of people that need him" when his family should be coming first, they are disregarded in his eyes. as his ego grows, he blames his entire life failures on Wendy alone. Wendy crumbles, not having much of anything to rely on anymore, thinking the entire worlds problems are her own fault, all part of jacks plan to hurt her further. Jack goes for a stroll and finds the reminiscent lurkings of a party. Dick calls the police station, hoping they will radio the hotel.
jack goes right back into the bar, party in full swing, illusion at its peak. this is the part where jack starts making his mental preparations for what hes going to go through with. he starts by going to the now fully stocked bar, in a fully crowded hotel party room. pulling out a now full wallet when it was empty earlier on. he is then told that his money is no good there, orders from the house. Jack reluctantly puts his money away and asks who's paying for his drinks. but is told that it doesn't concern him at that point, jack takes his drink, gets up and starts to dance with the party goers. Mr Grady, the original murderer now waiter, runs into him and spills his drink on jack. and then asks jack to go to the bathroom to not only talk privately but clean the mess he made. jack follows
While jack is getting cleaned, jack learns the waiter is Mr. Grady, and confronts him about murdering his family. and himself. Grady reluctantly says he has no recollection of it ever happening, jack reassures him that Grady WAS the caretaker, but Grady tells jack that he is the caretaker, and ALWAYS has been, This is jack feeding his ego with his illusions. saying that his purpose in life was to take care of the hotel, and always has been, giving his life that purpose that he claims Wendy took from him, Grady then says he should know, he has always been here, which can mean that the sadistic nature that Grady is about to talk about has always been with Jack, but that parts debatable. Jack then smiles and laughs, believing his own lies. Grady then tells Jack that Danny tried to bring an outside party into the hotel, Jack says he didn't know that anyone was coming, which is bull because he himself called him. Jack then says a very nasty gamer word to solidify the hatefulness of both of them. and then solidifies knowing exactly who it is by the job description. and is then told that it was against jacks will, again, this is Jack making excuses to do what he's about to do, a motive, he needed one as an excuse, and he knew he didn't have one so he imagined one and created it himself. something a little off putting was Grady calling Danny naughty in this scene, given what the previous topics were, that ain't that good. either way, Jack after being told this, looks around and has a horrible grin, and says 'it's his mother, she, interferes" which is a throwback to the interruption of jack controlling Danny earlier in the film, jack wanting to keep Danny miserable and Wendy just being a good mother trying to have her kid enjoy life. Grady helps jack convince himself that "a bit more than correcting" was needed. and how Grady "corrected" his family to justify murdering them.
Next scene, Wendy goes to see Danny, Danny "isn't here right now" and "Danny can't wake up" he's under control of Jack/Tony at this point. my assumption is that Jack, as his power and anger grows stronger, he is now able to control Danny while in his own trance, doing his own actions, Jack is revealed to be at this time sabotaging any means of escape that, Dick calls the police back and is notified nobody has responded so he takes responsibility into his own hands and flies on down and arrives in Colorado the next day, he calls his friend to get a snow plow to be able to get up to the hotel, jack wasn't planning for the snowplow specifically, he knew dick would get there, but he didn't know to what extent he would go. Next scene plays and it's Wendy watching road runner with Danny, while this scene doesn't contribute to my theory, i found it amusing that the theme foreshadows the final chase and i haven't seen anyone talk about it. specifically 'road runner, the coyotes after you, road runner, if he catches you you're through" anyway, Wendy tries to talk to her son. telling him that she wants to talk to daddy, Tony responds. So jack knows Wendy will be on her way. and plans accordingly, Wendy takes a bat when Danny's back is turned to her so Jack didn't anticipate that.
Next scene, Wendy enters the typewriter room, calling out for jack to no response. in this scene one of two things are happening and they're both pretty likely, first, jack planned for Wendy's arrival a while ago and has spent a while typing the "all work no play" pages. second is Jack is trying to take control of Wendy now, and is making her see things on the pages that aren't actually there. making her panic. either way, jacks intention was to instill fear into Wendy. Jack comes around from the corner, knowing Wendy is going through his things, and surprises her. Wendy panics and rightfully so. Jack starts to toy with her in the iconic scene, to instill intimidation, he thinks hes strong enough to take control and make her not fight back, Wendy at this point in time is scared, hopeless and trying to bargain for reason. Wendy cant bring herself to even say anything, we cut to an image of Danny hearing a distorted voice of his father. Jack wants him to see his mother scared and hopeless, to inflict that pain. Jack also may have came to this conclusion by using the shining to read her mind, but that's debatable as that would be obvious for anyone. Jack uses this to multitask and scare them both, Danny seeing second hand, Wendy being scared as hell hearing her husband wanting to "take care" of her boy. Jack takes this moment to make Wendy say that she wants to take Danny somewhere to be treated. but jack yet again makes it about himself, about his responsibilities to someone else that isn't his family, a distorted view of whats right in the world, even going as far to say to Wendy that she has no idea what a "moral or ethical principle is" despite wanting to treat her son. another gaslight approach to diminish what should truly matter, and excuse any violence that may happen. The classic banter of her needing to go back to the room to think things over happens, jack, thinking he's in control fully, knows to himself that no more time will ever help, because he controls everything in this scenario. he walks up the stairs, teasing her, intimidating her, its unclear if he has intentions to harm her at this time, as this could just be intimidation into submissive behavior. either way, Wendy uses that fear and fights back, jack gets hit in the fingers first and the shock came to him that Wendy actually was able to fight back, she hit him again and knocked him unconscious. Wendy then drags Jack into a storage pantry, i would say freezer but ya don't freeze canned foods and it took me a hell of a long time to realize that. Jack, after being locked in the pantry, panics and gets mad at first. tries to bargain for his freedom by promising safety, and then tries to manipulate her. saying he's injured, as that's what made her care about Danny it was a safe bet that would work for him. Jack begs Wendy not to leave him in there, Wendy states that she's leaving and wants to take Danny to safety, and will bring back a doctor for Jack, Jack taunts her by teasing that there's no way out, she isn't going anywhere, Jack starts to laugh at the fear and hopelessness he has caused. and senses a feeling of pride.
Next scene, we see Jack asleep, he has taken control of Danny yet again, Danny knocks on the pantry door, This scene is half truths half lies. It's what jack thinks is reality. He hears Grady, and talks to himself a bit trying to figure out, replace every word of "Grady" in this with Danny, or just cut it out all together, and everything Danny/Grady says, is Danny talking to his dad, what Danny says isn't clear, it starts with Grady saying "Mr Torrance, i see you can hardly have taken care of the.... business.... we discussed." this could be pretty much anything along the lines of Danny asking his dad if his mom's alright, or it could go back to the promise from earlier, could refer to "you said you'd never hurt mommy or i" Given the response, "No need to rub it in 'Mr Grady,' I'll deal with that situation once i get out of here" Grady replies with something along the lines of him having his doubts, he does not believe his heart is not in this, he doesn't have the belly for it. this could be Danny asking "please, promise me, you wont hurt us anymore" which Jack would reply "Just give me one more chance to prove it 'Mr Grady', that's all i ask" Grady tells jack that Wendy appears to be more stronger than originally anticipated. could be danny asking something around the lines of "will mommy be scared of you like this always?" considering Jacks reply being "for the moment 'Mr Grady,' Only for the moment" Grady then replies that he'll have to deal with this matter in the harshest way possible. could be Danny saying something along the lines of 'you need to apologize to mom, you need to make things right" with the response "there's nothing i look forward to with greater pleasure 'Mr Grady'" followed by Grady asking for his word, and Jack saying "i give you my word" Danny then opens the door. and chaos ensues.
We cut to Dick making his way up the mountain in a snowplow, followed by Danny, under control once again, going next to his sleeping mother and grabbing a knife. while holding it over his mother, Danny, now realizing that his dad not only broke his promise, but is making him do it instead, tries to fight back, he mutters redrum, murder backwards. and rubs his hand over the blade. but has enough will power to fight back, instead of writing redrum in blood as a warning for his mother he goes for the less violent option, writes it in red lipstick on the door. Danny outsmarted his dad and left a warning, along with fighting back enough to make enough noise to wake his mother. Wendy is awake, Jack knowing he lost some of his control, storms the room with an axe. Jack breaks down the door with ease, thinking this is the way to kill his family once and for all, he has them cornered. a few stories up, there's no way out, Wendy thinks ahead and so does Danny, Wendy takes Danny's knife and locks herself in the bathroom, there's enough snow built up for Danny to get out and escape, Wendy on the other hand, too much for her to escape through as well. so she has no choice but to bunker down and hope for the best, Jack breaks open the door, reaches for the handle, and Wendy slashes at his hand, Jack is now aware that the snowplow is here and that Wendy is armed, he needs to catch her off guard, but first, deal with the only threat and destroy Danny's last hope of survival. Dick Holloran. (also unrelated but in this iconic scene there's actually a set mistake, the door jack breaks open, one of the panels isn't replaced. the left one specifically. he broke down the right but the left one is just gone, probably from a previous take. surprised Kubrick didn't catch that)
Danny hides from jack after managing to get back indoors. he hides in the Kitchen, which is ironically the first place Jack looks, Jack knows Danny is there. but he decides to hurt Danny even more before killing him, by killing the only other thing in his life that showed him affection besides his mother and himself. Jack hides behind a pillar, he knows exactly where dick is going to go, he read his mind. Kills Dick with the element of surprise. and made SURE Danny saw it through jacks eyes, as Danny sees this and runs away as fast as he can. it's Jacks time to finish what he considers his job. Danny runs and Wendy goes looking for her son.
Next part is what made me lean toward the pedophillic part from earlier, as Wendy checks the hotel for Danny she stumbles across a man in a brown bear furry suit giving fellatio to a partygoer. given the bear from earlier in the film on Danny's bed, I'm thinking it has a correlation, this is Jack projecting his sick mind onto Wendy as we'll see soon. Jack goes after Danny outdoors, he knows hes outdoors but the entirety is all pitch white, he knows hes behind a vehicle but in the dark Danny doesn't even know where he is. so jack flips on the lights and knows exactly where Danny is in an instant. Danny retreats into the hedge maze, a last ditch effort. jack stumbling behind as the cold engulfs his injured body. pursues at a slow pace. giving Danny a much needed head start, but how good will that do when your pursuer knows your every step? We then see Wendy finding the mangled corpse of Dick Halloran. and Jacks projected Grady, celebrating the party that Jack's throwing. Danny and Jack's chase continue, Wendy finds a room full of skeleton's again projected by Jack, except this one is more real than the others, Jack knows deep down the people he's making up are long since dead, inanimate, but he brought them back to life to deal with his own ways. At this point, Danny realizes the way Jack is tracking them in a place where every corner is the same, footprints. so he traces back his steps, and covers up any new ones leading to any dead ends, and hides until Jack passes. at this time Danny knows Jack will never be able to tell where he is hiding, everything looks the same. so jack will have to take a chance. Wendy then comes across the elevators, overflowing with red rum. the bloodbath jack so dreamed of coming to a head.
Jack passes through a random way in an attempt to find where Danny is hiding, he cant see where hes at, he cant tell where hes at, everything is the exact same, Jack is lost in a room of mirrors. so to speak. Danny waits a few moments for his dad to get lost further, and then retracted his steps, He dashes toward the start of the maze and escapes with his mother If you turn on captions for this scene Jack starts singing a song, 'San Fransisco here i come, right back where i started" which lyrics to that song is about a man escaping from his wife because she thinks that he's a bum. kinda a role reversal there. anyway, Jack collapses, the last sight we see is Danny and Wendy escaping Jack's grasp once and for all. Jack watches them escape his controlling self. and his last memory, is him solidification himself as having a greater purpose. always being the caretaker, always being remembered, a place in a photo hanging in the hotel. thinking to himself, he did no wrong, he did what he had to.
And that about wraps it up
Hope this theory helps some people understand the shining from a different perspective. I haven't seen anything cover the full story from this perspective, If you guys liked it let me know, or if ya have any counter thoughts, or anything, I'd love to hear em. Thanks for reading.
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2021.11.27 03:02 Adrioxis 2nd year clash anniversary! For those wondering, no I don’t buy gems to upgrade stuff, it’s just endless farming, CWL, clan games, books, hammers, and gold passes. You can even see my phone upgraded😂 I love this game and I can’t wait to see what comes for this game in the future.

2nd year clash anniversary! For those wondering, no I don’t buy gems to upgrade stuff, it’s just endless farming, CWL, clan games, books, hammers, and gold passes. You can even see my phone upgraded😂 I love this game and I can’t wait to see what comes for this game in the future. submitted by Adrioxis to ClashOfClans [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 03:02 x_Hoshi A great game to end off ranked with 😁

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2021.11.27 03:02 MY5T3RYS Want old DLC session pass back

I want the old DLC’s back!! I want the standard 4 maps and new weapons back.. fuck battle pass, im not interested in shitty cosmectics or some weapon charm that dont do anything to gameplay, Or some crappy gamer tag. Im talking about battlefield and call of duty.. BF4 had 5 DLC’s each including 4 new maps and also weapons.. and also like COD black ops or mw2, they also had 4 maps come out aswell as 1 zombie map too..
I say FUCK YOU battle pass i want old DLC back! Im happy to pay extra than recieve poor quality half ass’d free maps and add ons!
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2021.11.27 03:02 skippy5433 Resources on electromagnets and eddy currents.

Hello. I’m a student studying Materials Engineering Technology in Canada. It’s the time of year when we need to submit an abstract/proposal for our final project and I had a few ideas.
First idea is to build a Electromagnetic Yoke for use in MPI inspection. This is something I have some experience in from a previous job but have no idea how to calculate the electrical side of things. (Input/output, resistance, etc).
Second idea is a wet fluorescent partial Bench with a small electromagnetic coil. (7-8 in ID) I have most of this figured out except the coil.
Third idea was building an induction heater coil for case hardening and use in the program for future years but lack understanding of eddy current.
Any and all feed back is appreciated. Thanks.
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